VOA Covers Haiti Earthquake from Numerous Perspectives

VOA Covers Haiti Earthquake from Numerous Perspectives
After an initial surge of coverage to earthquake-stricken Haiti, VOA language services embarked on reporting the unfolding aftermath.

French to Africa produced extensive coverage of Haiti for its French-speaking audiences, providing the latest developments by speaking with Creole Service reporter Jean Robert Philippe in Port-au-Prince.
VOA Indonesian reporter Yuni Salim traveled to the Haitian capital filing numerous TV reports.

The Vietnamese Service reported the eyewitness account of a Vietnamese-American survivor, Kim Bolduc, a top UN official who was in Haiti when the earthquake struck.

The Persian News Network focused on the events on the ground and reactions from the United States, Iran, and elsewhere in the world.

PNN’s Vahid Behravan, a physician, joined Late Edition live on set to discuss the medical relief efforts and anticipating health challenges in HaitiDr. Behravan also compared relief efforts to those following Iran’s Bam earthquake in December 2003.

Other interviews included an Albanian describing her departure from the UN headquarters in Port-Au-Prince just minutes before it was destroyed in the earthquake, a Croatian policeman serving in the UN gave detailed information about the rescue work underway, a Turkish search and rescue team, and a roundtable discussion in Urdu on U.S. and global responses to the crisis in Haiti.

VOA produced a multimedia special, in English,