Sec. Hillary Clinton Discusses Her Trip to the Middle East and the Iraqi Elections During an Interview on Alhurra Television

During an interview with Alhurra Television the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed her trip to the Middle East, next steps in the Middle East peace process, escalating tensions between Israel and Syria, the Iraqi elections and the situation in Iran. The following are excerpts of her interview:

Clinton on the reasons for this trip to the Middle East

Because I think that it is very important that we follow up on and fulfill President Obama’s vision of a new beginning in our relations between the United States and the Muslim world. We have a lot in common. There are so many just human connections that we have. There are a lot of policies that we agree on, as you say I visited the OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) today. We are going to work together, the United States and the OIC, to eradicate polio in places like Northern Nigeria, or Pakistan and Afghanistan. We are going to work together on maternal and child mortality. There are so many ways that we can translate the vision of a new beginning into concrete specifics that will affect a lot of people

Clinton on the U.S.