Alhurra Lands interview with Secretary Clinton

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Alhurra lands interview with Secretary Clinton
During an interview with Alhurra Television the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton discussed her trip to the Middle East, next steps in the Middle East peace process, escalating tensions between Israel and Syria, the Iraqi elections and the situation in Iran. Excerpts of her interview are available here.

“Voices from Afghanistan” exhibit at the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress launched an exhibit in Washington, D.C. on February 24, showcasing handwritten scrolls and letters sent by listeners to Radio Azadi, RFE/RL’s popular Afghan radio program. Librarian of Congress Dr. James Billington calls Voices from Afghanistan “a window through which can be seen the society, culture, and concerns of the Afghan people.” [Take an online, interactive tour of the letters] The multimedia exhibit also includes a of two Afghan boys who sent a 130-foot long letter to Radio Azadi from their small village outside of Kabul, as well as manuscripts, maps, photos, and music from the Library’s permanent collection of artifacts from Afghanistan.

The exhibit will run in the Library’s Thomas Jefferson Building for three months, giving visitors a valuable opportunity to learn about RFE/RL