Radio Marti Discusses Cuban Blogger’s Exchange with President Obama

Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez spoke with Radio Marti today in a live interview to discuss her impressions of a recent email exchange with President Barack Obama that has been big news in Cuba and the Spanish-speaking world. The story was also posted on

Sanchez, the blogger behind the popular Generacion Y blog, sent seven questions to the president, and to her surprise, received answers.

“I couldn’t believe when I received the answer from President Obama. I was shocked,” she told Radio Marti.

Topics covered in the virtual interview included American policy toward Cuba, the role of new communications technologies in fostering freedom and whether the president would ever consider traveling to the island.

“The President stated the importance of letting people in the outside world know what is going on inside Cuba and he believes in the need to promote freedom and democracy in the island,” Sanchez said. “This is a consistent theme throughout his answers.”

Sanchez told Radio Marti she