Implementation Strategies at Work

Employ Modern Communication Techniques and Technologies
RFA Vietnamese Starts New Webcast
RFA’s Vietnamese Service, which broadcasts on radio, began producing a webcast of news, posted on both the RFA site and YouTube. The show is shot in an improvised studio with a green screen, and clips are about 4 minutes long. The shows feature four to six news items illustrated by photos and videos, including material sent
by citizen reporters.

VOA Vietnamese Adds New Blogs
VOA’s Vietnamese Web site added blogs by five prominent Vietnamese bloggers on topics from technology and social trends to
literature and poetry to politics and the economy. Since July, the bloggers have contributed more than 180 posts that have elicited over 8,000 comments.

Facilitate Citizen Discourse
RFE/RL’s Moldova Service Airs Exclusive Interview with New Government
Prime Minister Vlad Filat gave his first interview after being approved by the parliament to RFE/RL’s Moldova Service, telling listeners that Moldova needs to establish special strategic relations with the United States. RFE/RL interviews with Moldova’s Speaker of Parliament, Acting
President and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Justice, Education, Culture and Defense were also quoted by domestic media.

VOA Armenian Exclusive Interview Anticipates Armenia-Turkish Accord
On October 10, Turkey and Armenia signed a historic accord normalizing
relations after almost a century of hostility. Days earlier, the Armenian President Serge Sargsian signaled his government