Statement from the Broadcasting Board of Governors on the Death of Congressman Tom Lantos

Washington, D.C., February 11, 2008 – The members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors express their deepest regret at the passing of Chairman Tom Lantos (D-CA).  Chairman Lantos was a tireless defender of human rights and freedom of the press, and an indefatigable guardian of persecuted populations around the world.  The BBG is gratified for his support for U.S. international broadcasting throughout the years, and especially for the inspiring words he shared with the world through the broadcasts of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Voice of America.  Chairman Lantos’ efforts to expose persecution and injustice spanned the ages of broadcasting – from the shortwave transmissions of the Cold War to the new era of satellites and the Internet.  His stirring words remain relevant to each communications age, providing a compass for our nation in its defense of human rights, and a fearful omen for those who would abuse them.

Our heartfelt thoughts are with Mrs. Annette Lantos and her family at this difficult time.