Radio Farda Emails

These emails were received through the Radio Farda website (

Dear RadioFarda Team,
Iranians at home and abroad cannot thank you enough for the service you are providing to the Iranians in this very important and crucial time in the country’s history. You, a team of deidicated Iranians – with the support of the U.S. – are providing our people with a window to the free world.
Please accept my deepest gratitude.

thank you very much for your nice program.While I am driving and listening to radio farda,I feel nice that i can be in this world and have a free radio.

in midnight idon,t have sleep.when i turn wave of my radio,
i hear your program that it is new.
i were very glade.
your program refreshed my sad soul.
thank you

Thank you all people behind this, viva freedom and we will be waiting for the of justice and liberty and the day that Iranian flag flys beside the US flag.

your news are grate
and the music is

this is a breath of freshair in the air. everything is superb and i am looking forward for receiving much more excellence. congratulations to all the managers and staff. keep it up.

Thank you very much for establishment of such a enjoyable 24-hour radio.
It was one of my greatest expectations in my life.
Now, I feel happy and not to be alone more, beisde hearing your voices,
musics and news. From now, our radios will only be tune on your stations everytime
through days and nights.
I will say everybody about it, although everybody knows it well!
Good Luck and Best Wishes!

With best compliments and best congratulation from Tehran,please keep on and make us happy.
Thanks and best regards

I am an iranian man and I was hearing radio farda today ( 19 Dec ) , a new radio that come frome IBB.
thanks very much for your radio broadcasting and your try to be more friendly with iranian people . Most iranian people going to meet and welcome to radio farda .

I thinks that this radio in short time will be completely successful to make a good communication with iranian people , especially youngs .

We trust you and your radio , and we hope that you will be our friends .

IMPARTIALITY , IS THE KEY OF TRUST MAKING .Be impartial and try to respect nationality of iranian people . We stay with you dnd accompaniment Raio Farda .
thank you.

Thank you very much for this fantastic station. You finally got what these young people do like.
By the way the I really wish to see more understanding from american people and gov. about persian people, it seems that they think most iranians are bad unless they prov their goodness! Ofcourse our ruling system and some people caused it but we are really understanding everything as good as gentle americans.
bye and merry christmas!

Hi,dear sirs:
Thanks a lot for your wide range and
variety of your program,I hope it will last for ever.
Your radio and internet program are very useful and interesting one which I’ve ever seen.I’m sure it’ll be succeed.God help you in your aim.

Thanks for your radio . We are in France and we are very happy to listen to you through our internet connection. The idea creating radiofarda is very genious and allows us to listen to persian musicians and information. Otherwise we could’nt.
Thanks to MR Bush who cares for the iranian people.

I apritiate your effort for making people in iran more and more eager for a better tomoroww .i am an iranian 23 years who is studing in American university of sharjah in UAE. I know how catasrophic is the situation in iran but we have to try to help them to know more and to interduce them the policies of US government which are benifitful for them rather than being useless.
we iranian students in UAE are ready to help you eagerly for having a better tomorow for free iran.<