Threats to Journalists: Angola

Latest News on Angola from our Journalism Under Fire Tumblr

  • In September 2011, VOA correspondent Alexandre Neto, along with journalists from other broadcasting networks, was attacked by security forces during a protest in Luanda, Angola’s Independence Square. He was knocked down and his personal belongings were stolen.
  • On March 3, 2011 an Angolan court convicted a contract reporter for VOA’s Portuguese to Africa Service of libel and defamation.  The journalist, Armando Chicoca, was found guilty for reporting that an employee of the provincial court of Namibe had made allegations of improper conduct against the presiding judge of the court.  Immediately following his conviction, Chicoca was sentenced to one year in jail. Lawyers for Chicoca have filed an appeal.
  • VOA stringer in Cabinda, Jose Manuel Gimbi, was threatened and harassed for his reporting by both the government’s security forces and the separatist rebels. On December 13, 2009, agents of the government’s Rapid Intervention Police detained Gimbi for 24 hours. A man identifying himself as a member of the rebel movement telephoned the Portuguese Service asking for Gimbi’s whereabouts and threatening to “take care” of him.
  • VOA stringer Jose Manuel was arrested in Cabinda and threatened physically by security forces in 2006 after he reported on protests against the new Catholic Bishop. Manuel was detained for interrogation, and his equipment was confiscated.
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