May 19, 2014

About Our Networks

— Asia Radio Today notes that VOA, Radio Free Asia, and Radio Sawa are among the finalists in the New York Festivals.

— Congressman Ed Royce on U.S. international media.

— Senior VOA Foreign Correspondent Al Pessin on U.S. international media. (alternate link)

— Al Monitor mentions VOA as one of the most widely known satellite news channels in Iran in article about perceived media freedoms in the country.

— Former VOA broadcaster will go to Ukraine as election observer.

Citations of BBG Networks

— NPR and Business Insider cite RFE/RL reporting on Russian rocket breakup

— Fox News cites quotes VOA interview with Far North Region Gov. Fonka Awah Augustine onsecurity situation in Nigeria.

— Daily Beast cites interview by RFE/RL Russian Service with Sergei Lefter — a journalist who was tortured.

— RFA reporting used by CFROman Tribune, and World Bulletin on knifing murders in Xinjiang.

— Washington Post cites RFE/RL on anti-gay activists building wall around gay nightclub in Kazakhstan.

— The Guardian quotes RFE/RL Crimean journalist Nadzhie Femi on situation of Crimean Tatars.

— Pacific Daily News cites VOA reporting on U.S. and Philippines’ defense agreement.

— Shanghaiist cites RFA reporting on child prostitution in China.

— CNN uses video from RFE/RL Iraq service of fighting in Fallujah.

— Monga Bay cites VOA reporting on Hong Kong destroying stockpile of ivory.

— Bangkok Post quotes RFA interview with Aung San Suu Kyi on women’s rights.

— CNN (Spanish-language) cites VOA reporting on climate change, and possible legislative solutions.

— VOA Turkish Service story on the US mine accidents, including aftermath and information on the amount of compensation paid to victim’s families, was used by a number of media outlets in Turkey including  Gercek GundemGazeteport, and many other publications.The compensation issue is very critical in Turkey where very little or no money is paid to victims’ families.

Of Interest

— The consequences of thinking in a foreign language.

— Caution before verification.

— Cuban mobile phone email service swamps cellphone towers.

— Editing white female.

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