March 5, 2014

About Our Networks

— RFE/RL correspondent beaten and forced to kneel and kiss a Russian flag during demonstration in Kharkiv. Reporters Without Borders calls for news media to be able to cover Ukraine crisis freely.

— Cricket in Afghanistan. ESPN profiles Voice of America’s Matiullah Abid.

— TV Technology and Radio World on the BBG’s FY15 budget request.

Citations of BBG Networks

— New York Times cites RFE/RL interview with Andrei Zubov, who was fired for comparing the Crimea campaign by Putin to the Anschluss of Austria.

— “kri-MEE-ah” or “KRIHM-ee-ah”? Washington Post references VOA’s pronunciation guide.

— The New Republic uses RFE/RL footage of Tatar women staging an anti-Russia protest in Crimea.

— Yahoo News shares Radio Free Asia documentary on gutter oil in China.

— The Atlantic quotes August RFE/RL report on South Ossetia.

— Irish Times cites RFA report on connection between Uyghurs and Kunming knife attack.

Of Interest

— The reporter asked: Which army are you from? The soldier replied, “You can’t guess?”

— What creative people do differently.

— The World Wide Web’s 25th birthday is coming up soon.

— NPR reporter briefly detained by Iran’s morality police.

— Afghan broadcaster arrested by American Special Forces troops.

— China censors coverage of Kunming attack.

— “So what I see radio stations really symbolize is freedom to reclaim our identity, to speak our language on the airwaves and the power of having our voices be heard in our ancestral language.”

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