March 26, 2014

About Our Networks

— Reporters Without Borders discusses the reporting environment in Iraq, including the killing of Radio Free Iraq’s Mohamed Baidawi.

— House bill provides $10 million for increased broadcasts to Ukraine by RFE/RL and VOA.

Citations of BBG Networks

— New York Times cites VOA piece on blackouts in Crimea, and Ukraine cutting power.

— BBC quotes Radio Free Asia report that men in North Korea are now required to get the same haircut as Kim Jong-un.

— Newsweek quotes RFE/RL interview with Mark Galeotti on Ukraine sanctions.

— Smithsonian Magazine cites VOA story on high-speed rail in Iraq.

— The Chosun Ilbo cites Radio Free Asia report that North Korea will receive $5 million for giant statues of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe.

— Christian Science Monitor cites VOA report on soldiers being deployed in Afghanistan ahead of the presidential election.

In the foreign-language press:

— Donia al-Watan (Palestinian news site) states that the Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN) has distinguished itself through its balanced coverage of the events in the Middle East and around the world, interviews MBN President Brian Conniff.

Of Interest

— State of the News Media 2014

— Quotas and incentive pay for news.

— Russia demands that Ukraine restore Russian TV broadcasts.

— A cappuccino with the CIA.

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