March 25, 2014

About Our Networks

— Radio Free Iraq and BBG mourn the death of Baghdad bureau chief Dr. Mohammed Bdaiwi Owaid Al-Shammari.

— The U.S. Department of State condemns the murder of Radio Free Iraq’s Baghdad Bureau Chief Mohammed Bdaiwi al-Shammari. (also discussed in AFP)

— The proposed Ukraine Support Act provides a surge in VOA and RFE/RL broadcasts to Ukraine.

— Steve Terrill, a foreign correspondent who has worked for news outlets including AFP and VOA, may not be allowed into Rwanda again.

— Fox News discusses RFE/RL’s budget.

— RFE/RL advisor David Satter mentioned in Financial Times piece as another of its former reporters is set to be barred from Russia.

Citations of BBG Networks

— DailyNK cites Radio Free Asia report that North Korea will earn $5 million for creating two statues of Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe.

— Newser cites VOA report about Russia seizing military base in Crimea.

In the foreign-language press:

— Albawaba News (Egyptian news site) cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the former American ambassador to Syria Robert Ford regarding the future of Bashar Assad. Hezbollah and Iraqi Shiite fighters provided the Syrian government with badly needed manpower, Mr. Ford said.

— Donia Alwatan (Palestinian territories-based news site) cited report from Radio Sawa’s Yazbek Wahbeh that 25 people have been killed and 170 others injured in clashes between Sunni and Alewite fighters in Lebanon’s second city Tripoli. The fighters from both sides did not abide by the recently reached ceasefire agreement.

Of Interest

— Russians circumventing internet censorship using cats and mirrors.

— Single-subject news outlets.

— Metrics versus merit.

— Content versus journalism.

— Experience versus youth.

— Some find the AP Stylebook update upsetting.

— The optimal office.

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