March 18, 2014

About Our Networks

— Daily News Egypt reports on the BBG’s findings about media use in Egypt.

— VOA Radiogram.

Citations of BBG Networks

— NBC News cites RFE/RL coverage of Ukraine sanctions debate.

— Guardian quotes Alhurra TV interview in article on new laws in Iraq that permit marital rape.

— AFP and Tibetan Review cite RFA report that two Tibetan monks set themselves on fire as protest.

— CPJ quotes VOA interview with Oliver Modi, the chairman of the Union of Journalists in South Sudan.

— The WireExaminer, and State Column cite VOA reporting on Crimea referendum.

— Japan Times cites RFA report that that Uyghurs are pretending to be Turkish for asylum.

— Bangkok Post cites RFA report that Rohingyas left out of Burma’s census.

— UPI cites VOA report on attack in northern Nigerian town.

— The National Interest cites RFE/RL piece on Ukraine constitutional questions.

In the foreign-language press:

— Ram Rem (Egyptian news site) cites Radio Sawa report that President Barack Obama told Russian President Vladimir Putin the United States rejected the results of a secession referendum in Ukraine’s Crimea region and warned that Washington was ready to impose sanctions on Moscow over the crisis.

— YTN (South Korean news agency) cites Radio Free Asia report that a US NGO Wellspring sent mounted drilling machine trucks to North Korea requested by a NK cooperation organization, Underground Water Development Laboratory.

Of Interest

— The state of journalism in Turkey.

— Missing Malaysia jet and anti-journalism.

— How Americans choose to get their news.

— WeChat censorship crackdown.

— RT blocked on YouTube?

— Wall Street Journal takes down its chandelier.

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