March 14, 2014

About Our Networks

— New York Times profiles Cambodia’s Beehive Radio, notes that it airs both Radio Free Asia and Voice of America programming.

— Columbia Journalism Review interviews RFE/RL Ukrainian Service director Maryana Drach.

— 94% of Egyptians used TV for news in the past week, only 5% used Twitter. Broadcasting & Cable discusses the BBG’s media research study on Egypt.

Citations of BBG Networks

— The Guardian quotes RFA interview regarding an apparent self-immolation in article about China arresting citizen journalists reporting on self-immolations and other controversial topics.

— NPR cites VOA reporting on latest developments in Ukraine.

— TIME cites RFA reporting on Uyghurs detained in Thailand.

— South China Morning Post cites RFA reporting on Chen Kaipin disappearance.

— Yonhap cites VOA and RFA reporting on humanitarian aid that private NGOs are offering North Korea.

— Washington Times cites RFE/RL in coverage of Russian websites being blocked.

Of Interest

— Employee morale and work conditions at RT.

— Russia accuses U.S. of discrimination against Russian journalists.

— Asking the correct – and preapproved – questions in China.

— Google will encrypt all searches.

— Everything But the News.

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