June 6, 2014

About Our Networks

— Government Executive highlights VOA coverage of Tiananmen Square anniversary.

— Wall Street Journal publishes op-ed by former VOA Director Robert R. Reilly on the bill to reform U.S. international media.

— Gallup poll shows wide political split in Ukraine.  The Journal of Turkish Weekly report on BBG-Gallup Ukraine research data.

Miami Herald on Radio Marti plan to broadcast NBA finals live to audiences in Cuba
Also carried in: Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Citations of BBG Networks

Vice News uses RFE/RL video of protests in Karachi

Washington Times on David Satter’s Cold War documentary

GlobalPost rundown cites RFA report that North Korea’s food rations are at the lowest level in four months.

Epoch Times piece on China Anti-Terror Campaign includes RFA interview with political analyst Chen Pokong

Foreign Press

Lebanon Files (news and information website) — Alhurra’s correspondent, Bashar Fahmi, was mentioned along with other journalists missing in Syria during the Samir Kassir award ceremony held in Beirut. Three journalists from Tunisia, Egypt and Syria won the Samir Kassir award for Freedom of Press granted by the European union. The award ceremony was hosted by Alhurra anchor, Mona Wehbi.

Al Wasat (Libyan news and information site) cited excerpts from Radio Sawa’s interview with the Libyan renegade general Khalifa Haftar regarding the latest suicide bomb attack at his home.  The general accused ten parliament members of masterminding  the assassination attempt at his residence in the eastern city of Benghazi.

Mijhar News (Jordanian news site) cited Radio Sawa interview with Iraq’s National Security Advisor Faleh Al Fayad about U.S. plans to ship the first of 36 F-16 Lockheed Martin Fighting Falcon fighter jets to the Iraqi military.

— VOA Turkish interview with fathers of  two middle-school students allegedly kidnapped by the outlawed PKK about three weeks ago (30 families are staging a sit-in protest in front of the City Hall in Diyarbakir) was widely circulated in the Turkish media. Haberler.com,  Haber,  halkgazete.net

Of Interest

Who gets press passes?

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