June 3, 2014

About Our Networks

— Los Angeles Times publishes op-ed by VOA senior correspondent Al Pessin on the bill to reform U.S. international media.

— Asking the right questions about U.S. international broadcasting.

— Post TV interview with RFA’s Executive Editor Dan Southerland.

— NTD TV notes a resolution in Congress calling on the BBG to take appropriate steps to circumvent Chinese internet censorship.

— Alhurra TV journalist Mona Wehbi hosted the annual ceremony for the Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of the Press in Beirut.

Citations of BBG Networks

— Moscow Times quotes RFE/RL interview with Ukrainian government forces spokesman on whether something was a building explosion or air strike.

— Yonhap cites RFA report that North Korea’s food rations are at the lowest level in four months.

— Yahoo News uses RFE/RL Balkans service video of flooding.

— Care2 cites VOA reporting on the death penalty.

— VOA Turkish interview with Ahmet Erdengiz, the Representative of Northern Cyprus, regarding Vice President Biden’s visit to Cyprus was picked up by eunews (European-based Turkish diaspora site) and Turkish NY (US-based diaspora site). Mr. Erdengiz expressed hope that the two sides will reach an agreement with U.S. help.

— ERIM (Encyclopedia of Republic of Iraq Media) cited Radio Sawa reporting that the Presidential Elections Committee has said final results of Egypt’s recent elections will be announced at 7pm on Tuesday.

— Federation of Arab News Agencies (pan-Arab news site) cited Radio Sawa reporting that U.S. President Barack Obama is beginning a four-day trip to Poland, Belgium, and France. In Warsaw, Obama will also meet with Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko.

Of Interest

— In Egypt? Be careful with your social media.

— “Ghost train” to Ukraine.

— Chinese journalists beginning to fight censorship.

— Thai police pose as press.

— How the Kremlin is killing off independent media.

— Google plans to spend more than $1 billion on satellites to expand internet access.

— Qualities of a fulfilling workplace.

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