July 31, 2014

About Our Networks

— Fox News opinion urges expanding RFE/RL “outreach and intensity.”

— Newsmax discusses possible U.S. international media reform.

— “That’s what we did through all kinds of media, you know, the Voice of America is the most obvious example, but also the constant outreach that we were involved in.” – Hillary Clinton mentions VOA in CNN interview.

— Today’s Zaman and Daily Sabeh coverage of the BBG’s research briefing on media use in Turkey.

Citations of BBG Networks

— GuardianNew York TimesLos Angeles TimesShanghaiistWall Street JournalTimeTelegraphBloomberg Businessweek, and Sydney Morning Herald cite RFA reporting on violence near Kashgar and on Juma Tahir, a high-profile Uyghur imam, being stabbed to death,

— Washington Post cites VOA reporting on Liberia closing its borders to contain Ebola.

— Washington Post uses RFE/RL reporting on Strelkov’s cursing ban.

— Christian Science Monitor cites VOA report on Chinese censorship of news about Shache County.

— EurasiaNet cites VOA Uzbek report on United States Central Command visit to Uzbekistan.

— Business Insider cites VOA reporting about pollution and a river turning red in Wenzhou.

— DailyNK cites RFA reporting on extracurricular activities of university students in North Korea.

— Business Korea cites VOA report on North Korean coffee consumption.

Of Interest

— U.S. government funding for Tor increased in 2013

— Russian soldier’s Instagram shows him operating equipment inside Ukraine and a Buk in Russia.

— Turkish women laughing at minister’s advice to stop laughing.

— Israel gives foreign journalists tours of Hamas-built tunnels.

— Cuban journalists receive media training in Miami.

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