July 24, 2014

About Our Networks

— Radio World on the dialogue surrounding the BBG’s Special Committee on the Future of Shortwave Broadcasting.

— North Korea Tech discusses shortwave as a means to get radio programming into North Korea, notes that “North Korean jamming, similar to that faced by Radio Free Asia, Voice of America, KBS and several other broadcasters, has been wiping out the signal” of new South Korean broadcaster.

Citations of BBG Networks

— Talk Radio News Service cites VOA tweet on NATO official comment about movement of weaponsfrom Russia to Ukraine.

— APA cites RFE/RL report that 18 militants captured in Luhansk.

— VOA Turkish exclusive interview with immigration lawyer/expert Arda Beskardes from NY studios on the latest immigration debate and current situation of immigrant children in southern U.S. is picked up by prominent online news outlet HaberTek and two other major online news sites eMedya and Haber Bankasi.

Of Interest

— Why women are leading coverage of war in the Middle East.

— AP’s poorly worded tweet.

— 5 facts about the state of local TV newsrooms.

— Afghan police officer who killed AP photographer sentenced to death.

— RT may face Ofcom investigation over media bias.

— On semicolons.

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