July 18, 2014

About Our Networks

— Reporters Without Borders and Poynter report on Alhurra correspondent Maithem al-Shibani, who was injured while reporting in Iraq.

— “As the news began to filter through on September 1, 1983, I glued my ear to the chunky, German shortwave radio I’d brought with me, switching between the BBC and the Voice of America.”

Citations of BBG Networks

— The New Republic cites RFE/RL report on deleted social media post by Igor Strelkov, which had taken responsibility for shooting down a plane.

— Fox News uses VOA interview with Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart on the possibility of a Russian spy base in Cuba.

— The Guardian quotes a Myanmar statement given to RFA regarding the news story that sent five Burmese journalists to prison.

— Morocco World News cites Radio Sawa reporting on the effort to stop pedophilia in Morocco.

— The Telegraph and Arirang cite VOA reporting on Pyongyang’s letter protesting new Seth Rogen/James Franco movie.

— DailyNK cites RFA report on possible flood damage in North Korea.

— Donga Ilbo (South Korean news agency) cites RFA reporting on tours of North Korea.

— VOA Turkish report on comments by John Bass, nominated to be the new ambassador to Turkey, was cited by Turkish news agency ARCA Ajans, as well as many other news outlets. Bass remarked that Turkey is drifting toward authoritarianism.

Of Interest

— NBC removes Ayman Mohyeldin from Gaza.

— BBC restructures for digital.

— The voice of America?

— Federal employees were not notified about possible data breach.

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