July 17, 2014

About Our Networks

— “Two journalists on assignment for the U.S.-funded Arabic TV station Al-Hurra Iraq were injured on Sunday while covering clashes between Iraqi security forces and Islamic State fighters in the district of Jurf al-Sakhar in Babil province.”

— In report about the Egyptian media environment, Carnegie Middle East Program recalls how armed men stormed Alhurra’s Cairo office in 2011.

— GlobalPost takes a look at the Office of Cuba Broadcasting’s Piramideo.

— Washington Times reports on BBG FLRA case.

Citations of BBG Networks

— North Korea sends a letter to the White House about new James Franco movie. Wall Street JournalYonhap. and other news outlets use VOA reporting.

— The Telegraph quotes RFA interview with a witness to attempted mass suicide in China.

— Ukrainian 1st Channel cites RFE/RL report of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk’s visit to Sloviansk.

— Nigerian Tribune cites VOA report on Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

— The Guardian reprints RFE/RL’s photo essay on Tajik migrants.

— The Chosun Ilbo cites VOA on 8 nations sending a formal complaint that North Korea’s missile launches violate international conventions.

Of Interest

— Media freedom under threat in Hong Kong.

— Drinking tea with a pro-Russia rebel in Ukraine.

— BBC defends its coverage of Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

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