January 7, 2014

About Our Networks

— Relay is a well-designed hub for multimedia in breaking-news situations. Poynter writes about the tool, developed by the BBG’s Office of Digital & Design Innovation.

Citations of BBG Networks

— Time cites Voice of America report that president of Sudan could be a prime mediator in South Sudan conflict.

— ThinkProgress quotes Radio Free Asia interview with defector on living with a disability in North Korea.

— Christian Science Monitor cites VOA report that 34 are dead in ongoing fighting around Fallujah and Anbar Province.

— DailyNK cites Radio Free Asia report that business leaders will visit North Korea next month.

— Tech in Asia cites Voice of America report that Falcon 9 rocket launch cost $160 million.

— UPI cites RFA report on situation in Cambodia.

In the foreign-language press:

— Barakish (Yemeni news site) cites Radio Sawa report that family of an Iranian woman left brain dead after being beaten up by her husband was able to watch her final hours from 6,000 miles away, via the internet. Sanaz Nezami’s heart, lungs and other life-saving organs were transplanted to seven people in the United States.
— Almogaz (Egyptian news site) cites Radio Sawa reporting that activist Local Coordination Committees in Syria reported 81 deaths across Syria on Sunday.

Of Interest

— Aljazeera’s role in Egypt

— FAA says “there is no gray area” on drone journalism.

— Management be nimble.

— How the U.S. Ambassador to Russia uses social media.

— How media outlets agree to agree.

— Be careful with those teleprompters.

— Journalists in Myanmar protest prison sentence given to reporter.

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