February 7, 2014

About Our Networks

– Article in Huffington Post mentions Alhurra and Radio Sawa estimated audience weekly reach in Middle East.

Citations of BBG Networks

– China Digital Times uses Radio Free Asia report on first Tibetan self-immolation of 2014.

– Globe and Mail cites RFE/RL report on genetic testing for the Olympic games.

– Pink News and San Diego Gay and Lesbian News cite RFE/RL reporting on threat to charge ninth grader in Russia with violating gay propaganda law.

– Yonhap News cites RFA report that North Korea has canceled their annual Arirang Mass Games.

– International Business Times cites RFE/RL report on the killing of stray dogs in Sochi.

– Buffalo News quotes VOA interview with American bobsledder Steven Holcomb on his eye surgery.

– Tibetan Review cites RFA on human rights petition in China.

Of Interest

– Some background on Konstantin Ernst, general director of Channel One, Russia’s largest state-controlled television network.

– Iran investigates the health effects of satellite jamming.

– Protecting Afghanistan’s journalists.

– Digital-first audio programming on PRX.

– Forget about clicks, Upworthy measures “attention minutes.”

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