February 28, 2014

About Our Networks

– Federal News Radio interviews Brian Conniff, President of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks.

– PRI’s The World interviews RFE/RL journalist Natalie Sedletska on rescuing and analyzing documents from Yanukovych’s residence. Also in Huffington PostForeign Policy.

– Karen Kornbluh nominated for Member, Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Citations of BBG Networks

– Daily Beast refers to RFE/RL video of concrete barriers being built in Sevastopol.

– Slate quotes RFE/RL interview with Alexandr Motyl on a potential Ukraine split.

– The Telegraph. cites RFE/RL on the east-west language mix that’s more complicated than it seems.

– NPR and Huffington Post cite VOA reporting on Ukraine.

– Council on Foreign Relations cites VOA reporting on a Boko Haram attack in Northern Nigeria, which killed 59 people.

– Arirang cites RFA report that World Food Program gave North Korea 3 million USD in emergency food aid.

– The Star cites VOA reporting that 6 Americans have booked trips to ski in North Korea.

– ThinkProgress cites RFA report on messages about smog being censored from Weibo .

– Tunisia Live quotes Radio Sawa interview with Ennahdha party leader Rached Ghannouchi.

Of Interest

– Global protests over Egypt’s detention of Al Jazeera journalists.

– Journalism cliches.

– Tor building anonymous messaging service.

– The world’s best unaltered photos.

– Russia bars Alexey Navalny from communicating with outside world.

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