April 9, 2014

About Our Networks

— Foreign Policy speaks to Radio Free Asia reporter about China’s protest activists and using them as sources.

Citations of BBG Networks

— CNN recalls Alhurra’s video footage of DC car chase in report about the killed woman’s autopsy.

— The New Republic cites RFE/RL’s “ominous dispatch” from Luhansk.

— The Independent uses RFA reporting on knife attacks as background for recent meat cleaver hostage situation in China.

— Front Page Africa cites VOA coverage of the early steps of presidential race in Liberia.

— Financial Times cites RFA reporting on Uyghurs.

— Vocativ cites RFA reporting on worker strikes at Chinese factories.

— Ottawa Citizen cites VOA report on Japanese plan to intercept possible North Korean missiles.

— Yonhap cites RFA reporting on humanitarian aid to North Korea.

— Reason cites RFE/RL coverage of crisis in Ukraine.

In the foreign-language press:

— A Radio Sawa report about the practice of naming of American cities after cities in the Middle East and North Africa was published by a number of Arabic-language websites among which are the Facebook pages of the US embassies in Egypt, Sudan and Saudi Arabia. The report stated that there are 315 cities throughout the United States that carry the names of cities in the Middle East and north Africa, such as Lebanon, Alexandria, Hebron, Jordan, Cairo, Carthage, Bethlehem, Palestine, Damascus, Philadelphia, Baghdad, Nile, Oran and Casablanca. (US Embassy CairoUS Embassy SudanUS Consulate General JeddahTwasulAlsabahJordanzadRai Al YoumAlwatan VoiceAlhayatAnbaa NetKlmtyShasheMotadedFace IraqShorouk NewsRue 20ElfagrAlmasry Al youmCopts TodayTamatomAkhbarakYabiladiMisr DaySheraa TVSaraya NewsWattan TVMoheetAlsafer News)

— Al Youm Assabea (Egyptian news website) notes that Egyptian actor, Ihab Fahmy, told Al Youm Assabea that he is travelling to Dubai to appear on Alhurra.

— Hankooki Economy (South Korean news agency) cites RFA report that after the execution of former vice-chairman of the National Defense Commission, Jang Sung Thaek, the North Korean authorities dissolved the administrative department of NK Workers’ Party and sent its high-ranking officials to the hardest place to work.

— SOHU (Mainland Sohu business news) cites RFA reporting that Kim Yo-jong is responsible for the events venue inspection and management before Kim Jong-un goes to events.

Of Interest

— Al Jazeera journalists mark 100 days in jail.

— USAID rebuts claims about “Cuban twitter.”

— Unhappiness over proposed demolition of old radio tower in Moscow.

— A subway map of the internet.

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