April 22, 2014

About Our Networks

— ArtvoiceRadio World, and TV Technology mark the death of David Burke.

— The Diplomat notes that VOA and RFA help give Cambodian news consumers more options and access to independent coverage.

— Boston Herald interviews Alhurra TV correspondent Ali Mahdi about the Boston Marathon.

— The Heritage Foundation held a discussion on Russian propaganda and how the United States can best counter it.

Citations of BBG Networks

— New York Times uses RFE/RL video and tweets in coverage of Putin’s Q and A.

— Foreign Policy cites RFA estimate that fewer than 2,000 Uyghur-language websites exist in China.

— Forbes quotes VOA that the president is going to Asia “in a bid to reassure allies in the region.”

— The New Republic cites RFE/RL in feature on “the next Ukraine” in the former Soviet space.

— The Space Reporter and Latin Post cite VOA report on SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

— Gatestone Institute cites Radio Farda on attacks toward political prisoners.

— Leadership cites VOA Hausa interview with member of the Northern Elders Forum, Barrister Solomon Dalung.

— Huffington Post uses a stock photo of Reed Hastings, which was taken at the December 2013 meeting of the BBG.

In the foreign-language press:

— Kuwait News cited Radio Sawa for its interview with the Kuwaiti Foreign Undersecretary Khaled Al Jarallah regarding the return of the Gulf ambassadors to Qatar. “The return of the Gulf ambassadors to Doha is imminent, “AL Jarallah said.

— Mejhar News (Jordanian news site) cited Radio Sawa that a Fatah-led delegation will visit the Gaza Strip to discuss inter-Palestinian reconciliation with Hamas, but the Israeli authorities have not given some members permission to enter Gaza.

— Yemen Street (Yemeni news site) cited Radio Sawa for its interview with Asaad Mustafa, the defense minister in Syria’s interim government, regarding the flow of US weaponry to Syrian rebels. “Some Syrian rebel groups received a limited number of advanced American weapons,” Mustafa said.

Of Interest

— Moldova prohibits Russian TV channels.

— On the dangers of reporting from Afghanistan.

— Gag orders across national borders.

— Why are Twitter and Facebook still blocked in Iran?

— New York Times launching explanatory journalism effort.

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