April 2, 2014

About Our Networks

— “The sounds of forbidden US radio stations – Voice of America and Radio Free Europe – woke us up and put us to bed every day, sending shivers up our spines as they merged with the noise from the kitchen.”

— House passes measure that includes support for RFE/RL and VOA Ukraine broadcasting.

— Heritage Foundation report on Cambodia mentions VOA and RFA.

Citations of BBG Networks

— Wall Street Journal cites RFE/RL survey of Russian media environment.

— The Telegraph quotes RFA interview with Chinese businessman on clashes between police and protesters over planned petrochemical plant in southern China.

— Human Rights Watch cites VOA Khmer on Khem Sophath’s disappearance.

— Moscow Times cites RFE/RL reporting on EU concern over Transdnestr.

— Diamond Intelligence cites VOA interview with Cameroon’s mining minister Emmanuel Mbonde on preventing import of CAR diamonds.

— Tibetan Review cites RFA reporting on detention of Tibetan nuns.

In the foreign-language press:

— Elbashayer (Egyptian news website) notes that study was conducted in Egypt about the effect of social media on Arab Spring and the use of satellite channels’ websites by the elite. According to the study, Aljazeera’s website is their first choice followed by Alhurra. Nile TV’s website came in third followed by the website of the Iranian channel Al-Alam. The study also showed that 67.6 percent of the elite use Arab satellite channels as their source of news when it comes to the Syrian events, while 62.2 percent use (state-funded) foreign satellite channels. According to the study, the elite demanded the websites to be more objective and neutral.

— Alarab (Qatari daily newspaper) cited statements aired on Radio Sawa from the White House press secretary Jay Carney regarding the possibility of an early release for Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Mr. Carney said he has nothing new about Jonathan Pollard that he hasn’t said in the past, which is that he was convicted of espionage and that he is serving his sentence.

— Alwafd (Egyptian news site) published statements aired on Radio Sawa from the National Security Council spokesman Jonathan Lalley regarding the new round of saber-rattling by North Korea. “North Korea’s actions are dangerous and provocative,” said Jonathan Lalley. “Its continuous threats and provocations aggravate tensions and further its isolation.”

— ZB (Singapore-based Chinese-language news site) cites Radio Free Asia report that North Korea and China relations have become increasingly alienated, and North Korea has recently begun to strengthen relations with Russia. North Korea and Russia have decided to discuss about the issue regarding Russian enterprises to enter the Kaesong industrial park.

Of Interest

— Liveblogging the Afghan presidential election.

— Pavel Durov resigns as head of VKontakte.

— Major media networks ignore major climate change report.

— Making news more accessible.

— Problems with Chinese media.

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