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Oral Testimony of Kenneth Y. Tomlinson, Chairman,Broadcasting Board of Governors, before the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, on American Public Diplomacy in the Islamic World

Secretary of State Powell’s presentation to the United Nations two weeks ago laying out the case that Iraq has failed to halt its banned weapons programs was beyond any doubt among the most important statements in the war on terrorism —one that everyone in the Read more »

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Radio Farda Launches First of Three Programs Spotlighting Developments in Iran

Washington, D.C., Feb. 19, 2003 – Radio Farda, a new Persian-language radio station aimed at Iran’s young listeners, has launched, “This Week in Iran,” a 30-minute roundtable discussion program that will explore political and social topics each week. “This Week in Iran,” which runs every Read more »

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Arabic TV Proposed in FY 2004 Budget Would Reach Millions in Middle East

The Arabic-language satellite television network proposed in the President’s FY 2004 budget is a unique opportunity for U.S. international broadcasting to reach millions of viewers in the Middle East with accurate news and information, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) said today. The President’s budget, Read more »

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Statement by Kenneth Y. Tomlinson Chairman, Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), on President Bush’s FY 2004 Budget Request

The budget process forces us to establish priorities — and clearly President Bush’s FY’ 04 budget to Congress places the war on terrorism as international broadcasting’s top priority. Thirty million dollars in start-up funds for an Arabic-language satellite television network represents an important step toward Read more »

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Fact Sheet: Broadcasting Board of Governors: The President’s FY 2004 Budget Request

The FY 2004 budget request to Congress includes $563.5 million for the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which oversees all nonmilitary U.S. international broadcasting. Programming increases are targeted at the Middle East and Southeast Asia to bolster efforts in the War on Terrorism. • $30 Read more »

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Radio Sawa Launches “The Free Zone” New Program on Democracy; Secretary of State Powell Calls for More Openness in the Middle East

Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, speaking on “The Free Zone,” a new Radio Sawa program launched today, urged leaders in the Middle East to support democratic principles such as free elections and free media. “Men and women have certain universal rights…,” Powell said in Read more »

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Prominent Voices for Change in Iran Speak Out on Radio Farda; New Radio Station Receives Positive Audience Feedback in First Weeks on Air

Washington, D.C., Jan. 10, 2003 – Radio Farda, its Persian-language audience apparently growing rapidly, has carried more than 30 major interviews with dissidents and supporters of democratic change in Iran during the station’s first weeks on the air. “We promised our listeners in Iran that Read more »

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Radio Farda Flooded with Emails Supporting the New Persian-Language Station

More than 1,000 people, most of them inside Iran, have emailed Radio Farda ( in its first week of broadcasting, expressing thanks and support for the new Persian-language station. “You are famous among Iranians – every body is whispering of Farda,” wrote one listener. “God Read more »

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Radio Farda Emails

These emails were received through the Radio Farda website ( Dear RadioFarda Team, Iranians at home and abroad cannot thank you enough for the service you are providing to the Iranians in this very important and crucial time in the country’s history. You, a team Read more »

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President Bush Voices Support For Free Press, Democracy in Iran on Radio Farda, New Persian-Language Station

Washington, D.C., Dec. 20, 2002 – President Bush, in an exclusive statement on Radio Farda, today spoke directly to Iranians, telling them they “deserve a free press to express themselves and to help build an open, democratic, and free society.” Bush, in a taped address Read more »

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