BBG Partners with Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

Gov. Weinstein shaking hands with Major Albert Don-Chebe, GBC DG, after signing the agreement

Gov. Weinstein shakes hands with Major Albert Don-Chebe, Director General of GBC, after signing the agreement

The Broadcasting Board of Governors and the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation have partnered to make Voice of America programming available on the nation’s public broadcaster and increase cooperation between the two organizations. As a part of the February 14 agreement, Ghana Television (GTV) will rebroadcast Africa 54 and Straight Talk Africa, two of VOA’s most popular English to Africa programs. The agreement also makes use of VOA’s Washington bureau concept, providing Ghana TV with live interactive features from the U.S. capital during major news events.

“This partnership is a great step forward for both organizations,” said BBG member Kenneth Weinstein, who traveled to Accra to sign the agreement. “Together we can bring important news and informational programming to the people of Ghana.”

Africa 54, a daily, half-hour news magazine program, which broadcasts content from health, to sports and entertainment, will air on GTV five days a week; while Straight Talk Africa, an international call-in show discussing various issues such as press freedom and economic development, will air weekly.

The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation has been in operation since 1965 and its transmissions are available to 98% of Ghana’s population. It is currently expanding its content and viewership and will launch four new digital channels by the end of February.

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