Alhurra-Iraq Interviews Iraqi Prime Minister

Maliki gestures with his hands as he speaks with reporter (off camera)Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki sat down with Alhurra-Iraq for a wide-ranging interview about various issues facing his country. The hour-long interview, which will air on Talk of Two Rivers, also incorporated questions from Iraqi viewers directly to the Prime Minister.

During the interview Prime Minister Maliki discussed his visit to the U.S. and the impact that U.S. policy regarding Syria is having on Iraq. He addressed Iraq’s role in the rapprochement between Iran and the U.S.; as well as internal Iraqi politics and Maliki’s relationship with other political parties.

Alhurra gave Iraqi citizens a chance to pose their own questions. A TV crew took to the streets of Baghdad and asked passersby if they could ask Maliki one question, what would it be? Prime Minister Maliki then responded to several of those questions, including about what he is doing to reach out to Iraqi youth, to fight terrorism and to eliminate corruption in the Iraq government.

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