Alhurra Interviews Joint Chiefs Chairman Dempsey

U.S. Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey spoke with Alhurra television

In an interview that will air today, Alhurra Television spoke with the U.S. Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey about Syria, the Arab Spring, Iran and aid to Egypt.

General Dempsey talked at length about Syria, the state of the opposition there and options, including diplomacy and the possibility of military intervention. “It is currently our position that we are providing non-lethal aid to members of the opposition who we find to have the greatest potential to be a moderate influence in the future of Syria.” he told Alhurra. “However, we continue to plan a variety of options that would be available.”

General Dempsey also discussed the need to continue to support the democratic process in Egypt and prevent the further development of nuclear weapons in Iran.

According to international research firms such as ACNielsen, Alhurra has a weekly reach of more than 20 million people. Alhurra is operated by the non-profit corporation “The Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.” (MBN). MBN is financed by the U.S. Government through a grant from the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an independent federal agency.  The BBG provides oversight and serves as a firewall to protect the professional independence and integrity of the broadcasters.

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