The BBG Calls for the Release of Bashar Fahmi

Bashar Fahmi, Arzu Fahmi and their two children.

Bashar Fahmi, Arzu Fahmi and their two children.

Washington, D.C. – The Broadcasting Board of Governors renewed its call for the release of Alhurra correspondent Bashar Fahmi, last seen in Syria 100 days ago. Fahmi disappeared in Aleppo along with cameraman Cüneyt Ünal, who was released after 90 days in captivity.

Fahmi and Ünal were reporting from Aleppo on Aug. 20th when a firefight broke out that resulted in the death of reporter Mika Yamamoto and the disappearance of both Fahmi and Ünal.

Earlier this month, the Syrian government released Ünal to a delegation of Turkish Parliamentarians and representatives of media organizations. Ünal has returned home and is with his family in Turkey. The Syrian government also told the delegation they were investigating what had happened to Fahmi, according to Turkish legislator Hasan Akgol.

“While the safe release of Cüneyt this month is very encouraging, we remain deeply troubled by the absolute silence about Bashar,” said Michael Meehan, a member of the BBG Board and Chairman of the Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc.

There has been no official acknowledgement of Fahmi’s status.

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