Senior Management

André Mendes, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director

André Mendes, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Director

The CEO and Director oversees all aspects of U.S. international media. He will provide day-to-day management of BBG’s operations, including oversight of the technical, professional, and administrative support as well as strategic guidance and management of other programs. Read More


Rob Bole, Director of Global StrategyRob Bole, Director of Global Strategy

The Director of Global Strategy supervises and directs the Office of Digital Design and Innovation, the Office of Strategy and Development, the Office of Performance Review and the Office of Policy. Read More

Suzie Caroll, Executive DirectorSuzie Carroll, Executive Director

The Executive Director serves as the principal liaison for the Chairman and members of the Broadcasting Board of Governors and managing the implementation of Board priorities. Read More

Jeffrey N. Trimble, IBB Deputy DirectorJeffrey N. Trimble, IBB Deputy Director

The IBB Deputy Director works with the Global Strategy team, focusing on special projects that advance collaboration and coordination across the BBG.  He provides strategic editorial guidance to enhance BBG content in an environment of increasing global competition.Read More

KeluKelu Chao, Acting Director of the Voice of America

The Director of Voice of America oversees a worldwide multimedia operation broadcasting in 45 languages, reaching an estimated 172 million people each week via radio, television, mobile, and the Internet. Read More

Carlos A. García-Pérez, Director, Office of Cuba Broadcasting

The Director of the Office of Cuba Broadcasting oversees Radio and TV Martí which provide balanced news on local, regional and international events of importance to the Cuban people. Read More

Marie Skiba Lennon, Chief of StaffMarie Skiba Lennon, Chief of Staff

The IBB Chief of Staff has direct oversight of Human Resources, Contracts, and Security functions, and coordinates efforts by Engineering and all other IBB elements in supporting the BBG’s broadcasting entities. Read More

Connie Stephens, CFOConnie Stephens, Chief Financial Officer

The CFO is the principal budget, accounting and financial management officer for the BBG and coordinates closely on budgetary matters with VOA, RFE/RL, RFA, MBN, and OCB. Read More

Paul Kollmer-Dorsey, Deputy General CounselPaul Kollmer-Dorsey, General Counsel

The General Counsel serves as Board Secretary and manages BBG’s Office of General Counsel whose mission is to provide proactive end-to-end support for the BBG mission by ensuring legal compliance and promoting and defending the Agency. Read More

Bruce Sherman, Director, Office of Strategy and Development

The Director of Strategy and Development is responsible for global strategy and research for the BBG. Read More


Grantee Leadership

John Giambalvo and Nenad Pejic, Interim Managers, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Vice President of Finance, CFO and Treasurer John Giambalvo and Editor-in-Chief for Programming Nenad Pejic serve as Interim Managers of RFE/RL.  Read More

Brian Conniff, President, Middle East Broadcasting NetworksBrian Conniff, President, Middle East Broadcasting Networks

The President of Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Inc. (MBN) oversees the operation of the popular radio network Radio Sawa, as well as two television channels: Alhurra and Alhurra-Iraq. Read More

Libby Liu, President, Radio Free AsiaLibby Liu, President, Radio Free Asia

The President of RFA provides strategic and operational direction to meet RFA’s mission of providing balanced, objective news to listeners in East Asian countries where such news is unavailable. Read More

  • 2014 Annual Report

  • Detained in Azerbaijan


    Investigative journalist and RFE/RL contributor Khadija Ismayilova was arrested and detained on Dec 5, 2014.

    8 months 27 days

    in prison

    Learn More

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    • Jeffrey Shell
    • Dr. Leon Aron
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    • John Forbes Kerry
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